I'm Andrew 

If you're here, we probably connected online or at a meet-up. If we haven't had the opportunity to connect, please feel free to reach out. I'm always delighted to hear from new people.

As anyone who follows my socials knows, I'm currently based in Taiwan doing work with people who have suffered permanent disability from injuries or illness. Abled Minds Taiwan is a social welfare initiative to create a network for the physically disabled so they can start and engage in entrepreneurship. 

As a person with legal blindness, I know full-well how difficult it can be just to navigate every day life, much less engage in something as complex as starting a business. My success in life and business is often treated as an anomaly. But in this wonderful world of modern technology, are we really defined by physical limitations?

Entrepreneurship is already a terrifying challenge for abled body people. Success more often comes from mindset and perspective rather than anything our bodies can do. 


The innovative and creative environment of Taiwan and the unfaltering persistence of the Taiwanese people means we can build a highly successful network that embraces the power of the mind. Check out our socials to stay up to date with what we're doing. Or pledge some of your time, skills or resources to really kick start something special that can give back to the community.


I want to 

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